Product Quantity Dropdown For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Quantity Dropdown Plugin modify your single product page, shop page, and category page on convert qty text box to the dropdown.

Plugin Features #

First of all you need to click product quantity dropdown in WooCommerce menu.

Product quantity dropdown settings : #

  • Product quantity dropdown for WooCommerce :- Enable or disable this plugin.

Select quantity rule : #

  • Quantity product type :- there are two option in this field.
  1. All product :- using this option dropdown will show all the product.
  2. Specific product :- After select this option you need to give product name, product category name and product tag name which helps to display quantity dropdown as per you give name.

General setting : #

  • Quantity position :- select quantity position after ad to cart and before add to cart which is show on shop page and product page.
  • Minimum quantity :- add minimum quantity .
  • Maximum quantity :- add maximum quantity.
  • Step :- in this option you need to add minimum and maximum quantity step.
  • Drop-down lable :- add drop-down lable

How to use this plugin. #

Step 1 :- plugin URL #

Plugin :- Product Quantity Dropdown For WooCommerce

Step 2:- display dropdown on page. #

Got to the product quantity dropdown settings in WooCommerce and customize detail.

shop page product quantity dropdown.

single product quantity dropdown.

Step 3 :- For specific products #

After select specific product quantity drop down will show only product which is pass on setting with category and tags.