How to Calculation For Contact Form 7 ?

This plugin in you can be using any kind of calculators like weight calculation, hotel booking quote, car renting calculation, mortgage calculator, cost calculator, finance calculator, tax calculator, and many others.

Plugin Features #

  • Easy to use
  • Show calculator tag in contact form 7.
  • Add different calculation formulas.
  • You can add a prefix for calculator value.
  • Choice digits after the decimal point for calculator value.
  • Calculate with any cf7 fields.
  • WPML Support

How to use Calculation For Contact Form 7 field #

we provide this tutorial for how to use Calculate Contact Form 7 field.

First of all you need to install below plugin for it

Step 1: Plugin URL #

Plugin : download Calculate Contact Form 7

Step 2: Form example #

We need to create some number field to contact form 7 calculate field which is given below screenshot

Step 3: Calculation code #

To create this type of field using this calculation code.

EX-1  [calculator calculator-89 "(Field 1 + Field 2 * (Field 3))"] 
Step 4: Create calculation formulas #

in there is is button of calculator . if you click that than there will be show calculating field option Calculate Contact

Form 7.

Thank you.