Dynamic Text Field For Contact Form 7

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Add Fields Dynamically Contact Form 7 With it you can access a lot of post information e.g. title, slug, URL, ID, and even custom fields with shortcode values.

This plugin is also used in hidden field values so you can add any value in the shortcode in the hidden field.

Dynamic text field for contact form 7 plugin provides a new Shortcode type tag for the Contact Form 7 Plugin. It allows the dynamic generation of content for a text input box via any shortcode.

if you want to set up contact form 7 dynamic hidden fields you can make dynamic data. easy to access all features perfectly

you can use GET, POST, and REQUEST all variables dynamically in your contact form 7.

Features: #

  • Easy to use
  • Adding Tag, URL in custom fields.
  • Using shortcode add post information.
  • Custom text Field add here.
  • Use Custom Value in a hidden field
  • All posts, pages, and user all values populate in the custom shortcode Text field
  • All posts, pages, and user all values populate in custom shortcode Hidden field
  • Adding current posts and pages information – DYFCF7_get_post_title
  • Adding current pages and posts URL – DYFCF7_page_url
  • Adding current user information in all pages and posts – DYFCF7_get_current_user
  • Adding custom fields values in all pages and posts – DYFCF7_get_custom_field key=’custom_key’
  • Adding blog information – DYFCF7_get_bloginfo
  • Adding product information in product pages – DYFCF7_get_product
  • WPML Support