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How do create Build Private Store in WooCommerce

Build Private Store For Woocommerce is a simple plugin that will help you create private access to preferred customers.

With Private Store for WooCommerce plugin, it is possible to create private access to products that are available only to registered users. Guests are not allowed to view private products because they must register in order to do so.

Plugin Feature :

  • Easy Setup
  • Private Products. Private Page
  • Login To price Show
  • Disable user login access.
  • Guest users won’t be able to view the protected area.
  • Manually add tag product in Login To price Show.
  • Change Account Approve Email subject, body, title.
  • Change Account Reject Email subject, body, title.
  • Enable/Disable Reject and Approve Email.
  • WPML Support

How do create Private Store in Woocommerce?

Step : 1 Download Build Private Store in Woocommerce And General setting.

Step : 2 Registration form setting for a new users in Woocommerce

Registration Form setting

  • Enter the login form title
  • Enter the Registration Title
  • Select the color for form title

New Users Registration Form setting

  • Manually approve new customers registration.
  • Account Approval pending for message
  • Send notifications to users
  • Account Reject Email subject and message
  • Account Approve Email subject and message
  • Enable/Disable Approve and reject Email.

Step : 3 Registration approval And approved users

Step : 4 Denied users in Woocommerce

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