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Add a Product Size Chart in WooCommerce

Size Chart Product for WooCommerce easy too use. This plugin, adds many charts for a single product. You can manually add a new chart table or upload a chart image to provide a size guide.

You can make it simple and flexible for your online consumers to select the appropriate products by using this WooCommerce sizing chart plugin. Add and delete numerous rows and columns in woocommerce with this plugin. You may add any chart with a title, size, and numerous sizes using woocommerce.

Plugin Features :

  • Easily add a size chart table to your store. 
  • Using Shortcode you can any place to chart
  • Chart Avilable popup,product tab and sidebar popup
  • Customize heading background color and text color
  • Popup Customize with color,font size
  • Chart Also Allow shop page
  • Import Demo Chart Option
  • WPML Support

Click on the “Add New” tab and this will open an editor where you can create a custom size chart.

charts show settings in woocommerce

Then table and tab settings Product Size Chart in WooCommerce

Single Product Page in Show Size Chart Button

Show Size Chart And How to Measure in Woocommerce

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