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How to Price Calculator in Contact Form 7

People use digital calculators today.  With the Contact Form 7 Price Calculator, you can do calculations on any mathematical expression permitted in your form between more than two fields.

You can do your form  price summation, multiplication, deduction, and division as well as in many other formulae.  In this fields, form can be used for creating both single and difficult calculation. Calculated fields are based on user input and selections in other parts of the form.

Features :

  • Easy to use
  • Show calculator tag in contact form 7.
  • Add different calculation formulas.
  • You can add a prefix for calculator value.
  • Choice digits after the decimal point for calculator value.
  • Calculate with any cf7 fields.
  • WPML Support

Step : 1

download Price Calculator in Contact Form 7

Step : 2

Enter form Tag Generator Calculator and Insert Tag

Step : 3

Then Calculate field values in Contact Form 7

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