Multiple Range Slider For Gravity Form

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Multiple Range Slider For Gravity Form is a easy to use setup field range in your Gravity Form for your [WordPress]( site.


  • Easy use
  • Step adding option
  • Prefix on digit
  • Prefix position left and right
  • Add single edge slider, double edge slider and custom label slider field

  • Multiple slider style
  • Multiple tooltip position
  • Enable/ disable slider range
  • Min and max option in single and double edge slider
  • Slider label also can be add (Ex: Sunday, Monday etc.)
  • Compatible in all major browser
  • WPML Support

3 reviews for Multiple Range Slider For Gravity Form

  1. Harold

    Multiple Range Slider for Gravity Forms plugin empowers users to easily create customizable and interactive range sliders within Gravity Forms, enhancing form functionality and data collection.

  2. Beau

    Multiple Range Slider For Gravity Form” plugin: A powerful and flexible tool that seamlessly integrates multiple range sliders into Gravity Forms, enabling users to capture and analyze data with precision and ease.

  3. Heidi

    Multiple Range Slider For Gravity Form is a powerful plugin that enhances Gravity Forms by adding the functionality to create interactive and customizable range sliders, enabling dynamic input for a wide range of form applications.

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