Floating Cart Product For Woocommerce

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Floating cart product for woocommerce add to cart product. cart product show cart basket all pages or selected pages.cart product are anable / disable cart basket. floating cart product for woocommerce remove from cart basket.

Features :

  • Easy Setup
  • Show Cart Basket all Page or Selected Page
  • View Cart loop and Display Quantity Box
  • Enable/Disable Coupon Field on mobile
  • Enable Cart Basket
  • View Cart, Checkout, Continue Shopping Button need to be customize
  • Remove Product From Cart Option
  • Header Cart, Header Close icon Customize with Color and Hide/show
  • Delete Icon Customize with Color
  • Free Shipping Notification Customize with Color and Hide/show
  • Apply Coupon sticker Customize with Color
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Counting Number of Product in Woocommerce
  • Cart Heading Font size, Font color, Product title size customize of Side Cart For Woocommerce
  • Enable/ Disable in mobile device
  • Customize Cart, Checkout, Shopping Link
  • Basket Counter Position and Color
  • Side Cart Position Left – Right
  • Qty Input box in Side cart
  • Product Slider On Cart
  • Enable/ Disable Cart Icon
  • If Cart is Empty Then Cart Basket Hide
  • Enable/ Disable Show Cart/Checkout page Side Cart
  • Enable/ Disable Show/hide on particular page Side Cart
  • WPML Support

1 review for Floating Cart Product For Woocommerce

  1. Roger

    Floating Cart Product for WooCommerce plugin provides a user-friendly and visually appealing floating cart feature, improving the shopping experience and increasing conversion rates.

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