Sales Counter For Woocommerce

Table of Contents

Sales Count Product for WooCommerce Pro using to in woocommerce to particular product page to how much time item is purchase before.

Features: #

  • Easy Setup
  • Enable / Disable Plugin Option
  • Counter show on shop, product, category and tag page enable/disable option
  • Sales counter Type Color/normal text option.
  • Change position on shop and product page for sales counter.
  • Customize Counter text color, background color, counter color and text
  • Total Sales count Enable/Disable and text options
  • Sales In Days Enable / Disable
  • Customize Days Counter text and Days
  • Sales Count message can be customized
  • Maximum Limit to Show Sales Count option
  • Text for 0 sales products option
  • Display count text for 0 sales enable/disable option
  • Option to hide the Sales Count for out of stock products
  • WPML Support
  • Show Sales counter in shop page.
  • Show Sales counter in single product page.
  • Show Sales counter in Category page.