Min and Max Quantity Product Rule For Woocommerce

Table of Contents

Min and Max Quantity Product Rule For Woocommerce customers are only allowed to purchase a minimum and maximum product quantity and/or amount.

Min Max Quantities For Woocommerce provide you min and max qty rule on cart total, product category as well particular product.

Features: #

  • Easy to use
  • Enable plugin
  • Select User Role and Hide Checkout Button
  • WPML Support
  • Cart Setting Select in Change Minimum and Maximum Quantity.
  • Change Minimum and Maximum cost.
  • Groups Manager Settings in add Group name, Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity.
  • With this option there all kind of option which need to setup customize message of validation you can be customize all option
  • Product Category base Min and Max Quantity.
  • Change Min and Max Cost in product Category.
  • Single Product page in cart rule.