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How to Price Calculator in Contact Form 7

People use digital calculators today.  With the Contact Form 7 Price Calculator, you can do calculations on any mathematical expression permitted in your form between more than two fields.

You can do your form  price summation, multiplication, deduction, and division as well as in many other formulae.  In this fields, form can be used for creating both single and difficult calculation. Calculated fields are based on user input and selections in other parts of the form.

Features :

  • Easy to use
  • Show calculator tag in contact form 7.
  • Add different calculation formulas.
  • You can add a prefix for calculator value.
  • Choice digits after the decimal point for calculator value.
  • Calculate with any cf7 fields.
  • WPML Support

Step : 1

download Price Calculator in Contact Form 7

Step : 2

Enter form Tag Generator Calculator and Insert Tag

Step : 3

Then Calculate field values in Contact Form 7

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How to use Digital signature for Contact Form 7

In this world are digital world. Digital Signature for Contact Form 7 are use too very easy. All fields can use this plugin. In this Digital World are an important in your business. And Many other professions, like bank websites and accountants, use digital signatures. Digital signature add this form for the special digital signature service.

Multiple signature pads can be added to Contact Form 7 using the digital signature feature. Using a Digital Signature users of Contact Form 7 can sign the form using a mouse or a touch screen.

Plugin Features :

  • Easy to use
  • can add multiple signature pads in your contact form 7
  • Can change the signature pad background color and pen color.
  • Customize signature pad width and height options.
  • Can add a custom class and id in signature pad
  • open any form then you can see digital_signature button on top.
  • Draw your signature then you can clear the signature pad
  • Can add signature field name in File attachments then send signature attachment in the email.
  • WPML Support

Step : 1

If you want to add a Signature in Contact Form 7 then Digital Signature install and activate. Download here

Step : 2

For Digital Signature for Contact form 7 go to contact forms and click Digital Signature

Step : 3

For Digital Signature for Contact Form 7 go to generate tag form 7 and add Signature fields

Enable this fields for required field.

signature name

signature pad pen color option here

signature pad background color option here and width and height customize here

add custom id and class for field.

Step : 4

Then Contact form 7 Digital Signature are displayed.

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How to use gift product woocommerce

Free Gift For Woocommerce Plugin comes with several options to help you offer free gifts to the customers of your online store in a powerful and flexible way. In this plugin, Customers are inspired to shop again.

The best way to entice new customers to make purchases is with Free Gifts. There are different conditions to supply Gift Products in Woocommerce, making free gifts a potent feature for increasing your product promotion.

WooCommerce’s Multiple Free Gift feature enables you to set up a decent discount on the product page.customers are most attrective for happens Free Gifts and discounts.

Features :

Easy to use
You can choose popup and slider.
Customized font size, color
Add Manually gift product title , notice.
Multiple product allowed.
Gift product add conditionally with product wise
Gift product add conditionally with category wise and Price
Allow/Disallow Gifts to Only Logged in Users
Quantity based on Each individual Product
Customize Font Size and Font Color for Motivational Message
Customize Gift Product Add to cart Button text
Allow for only one type of multiple gift
WPML Support